Alberta Beyond Fossil Fuels explores Alberta’s past, present, and future relationship with fossil fuels. We envision a future when fossil fuels are no longer our principal industry.

We also advocate for the phase-out of fossil fuel production to meet the projected decline in demand for our fuels and to protect Alberta and Canada from the global warming caused by greenhouse gas emissions.

Alberta Beyond Fossil Fuels Team

Alberta Beyond Fossil Fuels is a team effort. All the writers live in Alberta.

Andy Kubrin

Andy Kubrin

Andy Kubrin is a writer, communicator, and environmental activist. He has acted on climate with the Calgary Climate Action Network, Alberta Green Economy Network, Extinction Rebellion, and Citizens’ Climate Lobby Canada. As an oil and gas worker, he contributed regulatory documents, training manuals, and technical reports to the Mackenzie Gas Project, Jackpine Mines, Kearl, Cold Lake, and Fort Hills oil sands projects, and the Heartland Petrochemical Complex.

Andy lives in Calgary.

Email: hello@albertabeyondfossilfuels.ca

Jenna Wenkoff

Jenna Wenkoff

Jenna Wenkoff is a freelance communications specialist who loves helping local businesses and nonprofits tell their stories. From creating infographics for the Calgary Food Bank to writing articles for Catalyst Magazine, she’s happy to help with any communication request. She has worked with various environmental organizations, including the Alberta Environmental Network, the Green Party, Drawdown Alberta and Climate Plan Alberta.

Jenna lives in Calgary.

Mark Taylor

Mark Taylor

Mark Taylor is an earth advocate with a Bachelor’s degree in Law and Society. As co-lead of Citizens’ Climate Lobby Calgary, he has worked towards securing non-partisan, fact-based climate policies within the Canadian federal legislature.

Mark lives in Calgary.

Roger Gagné

Roger Gagné is a veteran Calgary climate activist. Convening bankers, environmentalists, academics and representatives of the oil and gas and electricity sectors, he has moderated forums on climate change and carbon pricing. He co-sponsored the Alberta GHG Summit in Calgary in 2014 and a carbon pricing conference at the Manning Centre in Ottawa in 2015. More recently, Roger coordinated the launch of Climate Plan Alberta , which unites businesses, faith groups, NGOs, First Nations and municipalities in calling for a robust and credible climate plan for Alberta. He tweets at @CarbonConvoCA.

Roger lives in Calgary.

Tori Slobodzian

Tori Slobodzian is a climate-conscious citizen who lives in Calgary, Alberta. She’s always on the lookout for ways to become involved with climate action in her community. Tori is an amateur writer, a mediocre optimist and a professional trier.